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Alpha Phi is a sorority initially founded at Syracuse University in 1872. Today, Alpha phi is now an international sorority that has 154 collegiate chapters. The reason why it is called an international fraturnity still today is because the word sorority had not been invented yet.

Even though Greek life is not affiliated with Santa Clara University, there are still fraternities and sororities off campus. Alpha Phi was founded in Santa Clara in 1976 and since then has consistently raised the most money out of all the other  Alpha Phi chapters in the world. Last year Alpha Phi raised over 70,000 dollars for their philanthropy Women’s Cardiac Care. Many of the girls are involved on campus as well as in the sorority and all of them have a special place in their heart for Alpha Phi. Their facebook page adversites all their upcoming events while their blog posts pictures after the events have occured.

I personally am I member of Alpha Phi and have been involved in it since freshman year. I consider all of them my sisters and today I live in a house with six other Alpha Phis. I have held two positions in Alpha Phi as well as being a member. I was a member of the initiation team, and I am currently the Panhellenic alternate, which is a position that works with other sororities in order to try and enhance the Greek community as a whole. I love being part of Alpha Phi and it has had a large impact on my life.

One of our big events off-campus is Star Search. This is dance competition between all different types of groups and teams. This event raises a huge amount of money for Alpha Phi and is our second biggest fundraising event.