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 What is it? It is a hobby, meditation, sport, entertainment and dance. Twirling long pieces of pipe, two or one at a time, swinging ball, flapping a fan, blowing fuel, eating flames are all ways to play with fire. Pick a favorite song and try to imagine flame taking form to the beats. Wether one is a pyro, looking for meditative dance, loves to gather a crowd or just is looking for something fun, this is a hobby for you.

Before you begin it is good to take safety precaustions. After lots of practice without flame, it is good to go over these guidlines A lso it is very important that you have a safty each time you light your staff, poi, stick, hoola hoop, or custom made fire. It is also important to have a safety word. If at any point the dancer is to catch fire the second person on standby is to put out the flame by smothering the flame immediately. It is also good to have a bucket of water or a water source near by at all times. In the event that one does get burnt, a trick is to keep an aloe plant near by. The leaf has pure aloe that is much more effective than any lotion with aloe in it. Another recomendation is to use vitamin E oils to smooth skin under the burn as it is healing.

Nonconformist come in alll shapes in sizes. This is one of my favorite, because there was a summer I got to experience the experience as a novice. I may argue that a nonconformist can be anyone with an extraordinary hobby or talent, but of course the individual's opinion will vary.


A group I met in Sunnyvale meets once a week to practice tricks without

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