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Hypertext Project

" it expresses an aspect of your "networked self” and involves some form of research/information gathering (broadly construed), and at least 1800 words of your own writing. This can be a service project for an organization with which you're involved, or a fan site for an author, band, or sports team that you admire. It can be creative writing, an autobiographical photo-essay or travelogue, family genealogy project, or a tribute to a relative who has passed away. It can be an annotated edition of a favorite text, such as a poem, song lyric, or photograph"

Week 2 Revision and additions

Homework: Comprehensively redesign your Personal Hypertext Project. Add new pages. Revise the writing, image selection, organization and typography. Add a page with a 300 word essay linking to your design inspiration for the revision.


and a TBA Video Project



Week 6 response to readings - Midterm

select at least one tactical media project from at least six of the sites above. Publish a 1500-word response essay to your website, describing some of the tensions between media ownership and our hopes for a more democratic society. Be sure to briefly quote or paraphrase from at least six of the course readings as well as the videos and stories you've chosen, providing links and citations in your hypertextual response paper.


Response to Book


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