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Transcript: Here you will find a transcript of the Podcast by Myles Reed

Transcript of SJSU Podcast

At the MLK Library

Hello this is myles reed here from SCU. This is my podcast hypertext on SJSU, today is feb 23rd and we are right outside of the newly built martin luther king library

This is a very large building and this is where ill be begin my tour

So here I am inside the library here at SJSU


Upon entrance you notice how nice the library is, a lot of glass windows

Entering there is a security guard at the desk

Wow it is a very nice building

There is awelcome desk as well as a new arrival desk

The first floor, there is achilds book section, and on the other side there is a coffe shop for adults

Now heading up the escalator you can see the DiNapoli Gallery

 There is an area for students to do activities

I see a sign here that is not related to this at all


(It is an ad for an Iranian Womens Art Work)

Its for International Womens day, It looks very interesting, I see a lot of good looking food as well.

So immediately when you walk up the elevator you see a giant hole in the Wall, but actually its just a black spot with glass over it with alien like hieroglyphics on it.  Its like Y’s and weird types of upside down omega symbols, probably more alien than Egyptian but they could be.

A very nice touch SJSU, very nice touch.

They have 5 different elevators going to each floor in this library.

Im approaching the Reference Center To my Left, and there there is a technology center to the right.

There are around 40 to 50 computers in here, all of them  appear to be very nice, flat screen monitors, not quite as big as ours but still rather large. They appear to be a lot more windows based. That’s a good thing, since no one can trust apple.

Ive found a directory

I learned a new Word: Atrium, it is an area with an opening usually where stairs are present.

I had no idea about that, very interesting

Here we are standing next to the ready reference center.

I think im going to go explore the school now, so here goes.

Entering Campus

Im walking down San Fernando Street

Im right next to the Theatre Arts Building

Not sure what goes on here

Its mid day, im not really seeing a lot of people outside

It makes me think that they might be in class

Im reaching the end of this building

Im noticing a restraint across the street, te café pomegranate,( desc of food), it’s a diner

Looks to be some pretty good food

Im now next to the W. Moorhead Hall

It’s a large building, about 3 stories high

Across from it uis the Hue Gills Hall

Im walking down a walkway between the two buildings

Im trying to look for a map to see where im going

But until I find one your going to have to listen to me babble about things that im seeing

Umm, Im looking now directly at what appears to be a chapel, im not sure of the name, it look illustrious, nice architecture, looks ancient roman or catholic, there is avine growing up the side, im still searching for the name of the building,

Now im making a right, stil along the side of the Gill Hall building

Im seeing a lot of bikes chained to park benches

I don’t see a lot of bike racks here so maybe that’s a problem

Now walking back to the library area, on the inside of the campus now.

Im seeing a lot of students dancing infront of the entrance

They appear to be doing some type of hip hop dance, some type of cohesive group effort sort of thing

Um, A rather large difference between her and SCU is a noticible difference in the amount and type of minority students

I see a lot of students filming projects in the quad, perhaps for some type of English class

Okay, walking around, people are walking their dogs, another difference between SCU and SJSU, ive already seen about 4 dogs

Now in the quad area near the library, I see a fountain, I think gioing to go observe that

Now im at the fountain, im looking at the fountains plaque ( reads plaque) Robert D. Clark and John Hendrix Commemorated it to the school

Im not sure when this university was actually established

Now im looking at the foundtain and im noticing theres about 2 or  3 rings of bricks centered around the fountain

Each brick says something different some frases like, you can win if you don’t play. And perhaps some names of deceased or important individuals from san jose states history.

Now walking a little right of the fountain, im seeing a building not quite sure what building it is

Im looking at what appears to be a philosophy class room, its holding a philosophy colloquium series,

A center for comparative Philosphy Very interesting

I davel in philosophy myself, im an avid philosophy fan myself, I like plato and Aristotle, however I digress.

It appears that San Jose State is divided into 3 sections, there the king library, mcquerie hall, the campus village and the student union

Im in the quad now near the campus village, looking at statue of 2 african American contestants in the Olympics

Okay so Now im at the statue I was describing, it’s a statue of Tommy Smith and John Carlos 2 sjsu student athletes,  at the olympic games in mexico in 1968, stood for justice equality and dignity, it was erected in 2005

Next iconic statue, I think it details a lot for what the university represents and they probably draw a lot fo pride from that

Now moving the left, still in the campus area.

The Campus is very green,

It appears The students are surrounded by a lot of competent groundkeepers, it seems to be acommon theme in colleges, theres a lot of vegetation

Now im standing by the central classroom bulding across the the Morrid Daly Auditorium

I see a plaza type area near the student union

A lot of kids are sitting, some on Laptosp, I see a lot of kids drawing, that might say something about SJSU as a more artisticly centered university. Not quite sure about their art program, but it appears to be very interesting and lively

Now im in between Robert D. Clark Hall and the Central Class Building.

Clark Hall is the head of the business school and stands about 4 stories high

Now were back at the state near the Olympic athletes

Im seeing something I didn’t notice before.

Im seeing a Bell to the left of the statue,

I think going to go investigate it

IT is called the tower Bell, it was a 3000 lbs bell and was rund atop the chapel in 1906 until the earthquake was stopped

Its pretty much a dead bell that did a lot for California, its pretty interesting











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