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What this site is about

Due of the negative connotation that is often associated with gaming and the very nature of games themselves as  nothing more than wastes of time I have decided to make a website that educates those who are looking to become involved with mmorpgs and to inform people about those who enjoy playing them. This website is a collection of personal accounts during my instances of gaming throughout my life and catalogs my experience with a few key MMORPGs.

Important Terms to Understand

MMORPG- Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game,

MMORTS-Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

FPS -First Person Shooter

TPS- Third Person Shooter

MUD- Multi User Dungeon

Platform- Usually the system on which a game is played, can also be a type of game referred to as a platformer, like super Mario

Forum- Online Bulletin Board in which a community of members can post threads related to a pre determined general topic.

NPC- Non-Player Character

Newbie/Noob- New Player

Gear- equipment associated with a game character archetype or class

Class- the type of character played, types include: warriors, thieves, mages, archers, and healers

MMO- Massively Multiplayer Online

Guild- Team of players joined together to meet some common overarching game or real world goal

What MMOs meant to me

 In present times I feel as though many of us would argue that the emergence of video gaming in the last couple of decades has become a substantial part of childhood and even human experience. From the moment that children begin to take note of the vast complexities of the world that surround them they being to notice and are taken prisoner by an intense fascination with virtual space and  with their friends in a non-threatening environment. As many of us are aware when asking a child why he enjoys video games, they will reply  ”they allow me to be someone different”. When I was a child I was no different. Constrained by the powers of my parents to study and do homework, I sought an escape into another dimension in which my creativity and imagination could function as one and expand my consciousness in ways I never thought possible. For me, growing up as a single child and moving around it was very difficult for me to reach out and make friends with the children who surrounded me. That being the case I decided to take matters into my own hands by trying out an online game called Runescape that a friend of mine at school recommended to me. Little did I know, that this would start me on an epic journey in which I became a heroic adventurer in a foreign virtual land. The only difference between this and make believe to me was that I would be playing with thousands of other eager young adventurers also stuck in their homes. 

How to keep up with Information of PC gaming

In order to keep to keep track of the online games that I believe have changed my outlook on life for the better I slowly became aware of three websites that I felt are  I the best in the industry. The first of these sites is OnRPG. OnRPG is a forum devoted to the topic of Free MMORPGs and contains a list of nearly every MMO ever created along with URLs to their website.  A Link to OnRPG can be found below by clicking on the Image. The Second website I find useful in receiving updates about MMORPGs is Massively.com . Massively is a news site dedicated to MMORPG’s worldwide and is the home of nearly every serious MMO fan eager to find news about their favorite game or looking for a new one. Massively also covers stories related to the development of MMORPG and FPS games. For those looking for an alternative  news site to Massively I have included a link below to MMORPG.com. MMORPG.com generally chooses to focus more on the news of currently available free MMORPGs . MMORPG.com is also known for hosting competitions in which prizes are given away.

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