There a lot of negative stereotypes in Western culture that come up when someone discusses tattoos, if someone is considering getting one, or if you see a heavily tattood person walking down the street. Usually if you see a male who is heavily tattood, the perception is that they are of a lower class background or lifestyle, that they have probably made poor life choices in the past, and that they are somewhat of a rebel or thug. The same is held true with females who are heavily tattood, however added to this is certain perceptions about different areas of the female body that can be tattood. In general tattoos are less acceptable for females in most cultures around the world, and the most heavily tattood people are usually male. However, while almost all areas of a male body can be tattood without the perception changing, a female with a 'tramp stamp' tattoo, or a lower back tattoo, is often thought of as promiscuous in nature. A female with a lot of tattoos is also often thought of as promiscuous or rebellious in nature. The nature of the tattoo itself also has a lot to do with how it is percieved. Many people get tattoos without thinking them through, or want to get them because they are thought of as 'cool'. Some people will get tattoos as a rite of passage when they turn 18, the legal age to get tattood in many Western countries. These types of tattoos are often not thought through, and as such are sometimes regretted later in life. Most often people will go into tattoo parlors and simply look at the already done tattoos and choose one without much meaning, just to say they have a tattoo. This, in my opinion, is the wrong reason to get a tattoo, and many tattoo artists agree with this.