Home Everyone always focuses on Marcus Yallow and Angela Carvelli’s romance but no one ever asked about me and Darryl. We have something too, but it’s just not as public or focused on, or official for that matter. It all started when he got out of Gitmo by the Bay and I went to visit him in the hospital. Poor Darryl…he was so broken. He didn’t even seem human, it was so unreal. He wasn’t the Darryl I knew from before. But when he saw me, something changed in his eyes. I felt a warmness just from his stare. I unknowingly was staring at him with a scared shocked look on my face; I was not use to seeing Darryl like this. He noticed my stare and tried turning away, probably remembering that he did not look as presentable as he always did and that it was me, the girl he’s always had a crush on. Yes, I did know he had a crush on me this whole time. But I had a crush on Marcus at the time so I was not interested in humoring Darryl’s crush. However as Marcus kept on risking his life on the Xnet I began to lose interest in him. When I met up with him so he could give me the camera phone I felt all nervous as I had before when I was crushing on him big time so I kissed him. It wasn’t what I expected. I thought I would feel something that reassured me that yes, Marc us was the one for me. But I felt nothing. Not like he didn’t kiss me back, he did, but emotion-wise I felt nothing. And that’s when I knew I was over Marcus Yallow. I didn’t even think about having feelings for Darryl till I saw him in the hospital again. The warmness I felt inside me was different, but I liked it. I had never felt it before but I knew it meant something. I guess my stare was at that and at his state of being at that moment. But let’s flash-forward to a month or two later, the present time. Darryl’s still slightly traumatized but he’s looking how he use to before. I can’t believe I didn’t notice how handsome he actually was before. Hmm. But anyways, we’ve been spending a lot of time together, more than people actually think we do. He’s such a sweetheart, we always have a good time together. People keep asking when we’ll get together but we just want to keep things on the downlow so we tell everyone we’re just friends. Friends who cuddle and hold hands and kiss, you know, a strict friends only relationship. We like it like this, no title no stress no pressure, just us being together and there for each other. Maybe one day we’ll be official, we’ll see.