Number one thing I've learned from this project for Spring 2010 is that time management is not my best skill. I had time to work on it during the summer and I would sit down and read parts of the books I needed for the hypertext but I am very easily distracted and would go eat a snack and put it off for the next day. And now that I have actually sat down and forced myself to do this I realized that it was not that bad especially with the given time for it. It just required some better time management on my behalf during the summer. I also learned that I should have changed my topic. I remember I had mentioned the topic of revolution and Little Brother and Marc warned me that it would be a difficult topic but it would be interesting to see what I wrote. Never did I think it would be this hard to do reseach for something I was not too interested in, being the project. History itself is something I usually send to avoid because I find the topic itself completely hard for me to read and concentrate because it just does not spark any interest in me. Aside from that, out of all my work for Spring 2010 I feel like I had the most fun with the Surveillance Photos. For the story of two couples I asked my boyfriend and his two guy friends to pose for me and they did. I decided to have a little bit of fun with the story and end up making two of the guys gay. That part in particular I did not lag on during the summer. Actually that entire Surveillance project. It was funner and allowed me to be more creative so I did it very willingly. [Sidenote: I made the subjects of the pictures sign a photo release form that I keep at home because it had their phone numbers as well as signature and a few of them did not feel comfortable with me scanning it and putting their numbers on my website. But all permission was given to use the pictures in however way I please]. I feel that if the chance ever comes along to do a project similar only to the Surveillance part of my winter 2010 project I would have new ideas on how to improve it depending on the topic. I learned that sometimes some of the best memories someone can have arn't posed or fake, they're just snapshots of something simple but joy-giving.

From my FanFiction I learned that I can use other creative means of media such as continuing a great story or novel out of my imagination and still stay on course. From my screenplay I learned that there are different methods of writing a screenplay per say but overall the gist is the same as well as terminology used.