Scholarships, there can be nothing wrong with a scholarship, especially when it allows a student to get their education for free. Everything that’s free in life in good right? No worrying about getting a job or two to pay off tuition or burdening parents with the hefty tuition price or even changing your family’s lifestyle in order to afford an education. Oh the good life. But what people don’t realize is that despite the obvious positives of being a scholarship recipient there are some downsides as well. Most people don’t realize that being a scholarship recipient puts a load of pressure on the student. The pressures are both mental and physical and overall quite exhausting. There are always expectations of and restrictions on a scholarship student. College is about getting an education but also discovering who you are; you cannot fully do that with restrictions. Different scholarships enforce different restrictions on the recipients. Here are some of the scholarships offered to students. Despite being different scholarships they all have common problems.