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Interview with a Local Nursery Worker


Flowers are simple but at the same time complex. They are beautiful, delicate and often inspiring. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how these beautiful creations are made. Yes we all know most flowers start off as a seed and then start to sprout and blossom, but who makes sure it goes through all those steps beginning with the first one? Most of the flowers you will see in your life are grown in nurseries. Nursery workers put a lot of time, care, and effort into making sure the flowers you admire are the way they should be, but at what cost? Nursery workers expose themselves to harmful chemicals, pesticides and sometimes bad weather in order to get a small paycheck at the end of the week. For all the hard labor and sickness the pesticides cause the workers they receive a compensation that will not cover the eventual hospital bill for accidental poisoning or illness. They do not choose this job; they take what they can get. There are many factors that lead people to become part of the nursery workforce, none of which is because they enjoy it.

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