The project site evolved a lot because the first draft of the personal site was boring and disorganized. The only good aspect of the first draft of the personal site was that I figured out how to put pictures in, which gave the site something nice to look at. In the second revision of the site I added backgrounds for some of the pages to make it look aesthetically pleasing. In the final version I just changed a few small things here and there but I feel like I did most of the work in the second draft.
This is the description of “critical thinking” that I felt applied to my experience of composing hypertexts: “"The purpose of critical thinking is, therefore, to achieve understanding, evaluate view points, and solve problems. Since all three areas involve the asking of questions, we can say that critical thinking is the questioning or inquiry we engage in when we seek to understand, evaluate, or resolve."
Maiorana, Victor P. Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum: Building the Analytical Classroom. 1992”. I chose this quote because I felt like for each project there was the question of why is this important and I felt like my job was to prove with evidence that what I wanted to talk about was important. Part of the composing process was to do research and establish what is important to share with people who may not know why something is significant. My engagement in these elements helped improve my writing skills by going deeper into something I did not see much depth to and allowed me to express how feelings in a new media, which is way more interesting way than just a regular paper.
I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be scared to talk to my professors if I have questions or if an issue comes up because I feel that if I approached my other professors and told them about my home situation they would have understood as well but English was the class I was falling behind on the most so I felt like I had to tell you but I should have done that with my other professors as well. Aside from getting use to the college environment and learning to adapt, I also learned a lot from the coursework. I gained skills in Dreamweaver, a program I never even thought I could begin to manage. I use to see how friends of mine in high school used it like it was nothing and I would just stare and get confused but I feel that even though I have a pretty basic knowledge of it now I could probably play around with it and learn how to do more complicated things.
I feel that my website is not something that someone living the life of a low-wage nursery worker would recommend to another person in the same position because it just talks about the situation not anything that they do not already know or live through. The purpose was to inform people about the lives of low-wage nursery workers, and so the intended audience was not for an actual low-wage nursery worker. It is also meant to reach employers of nursery workers so they can realize how it is like from their worker’s point of view and hopefully be more considerate with them.
When I set my midterm goals I set realistic ones considering the circumstances at that time for me. They were nothing like “Make everything perfect” but I really did do my best on this project. My new goals for hypertextual composing is to always write out an outline because I usually would just start on a certain topic and not plan ahead on how I would learn a page to another. As for research writing my new goal is to go to another library like the Martin Luther King because they have a wide variety of resources just waiting to be found. I used that library for my religion final and it was the best choice I ever made. By the time I was done with the project because I got all the books I needed at that library, I received an email from the SCU library saying my books had arrived. Our library is a good resource, but I feel that the Martin Luther King library has more resources.
The blogging confused me and honestly I don’t think I got around to posting some assignments on it. I prefer just the website. The Google Group discussions were helpful however, but posting things on there without getting feedback for it was confusing to me. I think I would like to have Google Group discussions for more classes because it’s nice to get feedback on things you write.
My decisions regarding document design were made based on the examples of previous students and their layouts for things like the annotated bibliography and also what format would fit my content the best.
If I were to continue working on my website I would try to find more videos and make more neat tricks like flashing objects or something eye catching. My next website will have a more uniform layout like all the webpages belonging to a certain topic will look like they belong together, not just random colors. I thought it looked nice at first but after I showed it to my friend and she told me she thought the pages were different people’s pages I realized that the different color approach was slightly confusing.
I feel like in my Ways of Understanding Religion class a website composing final project would have been a good idea because our professor was in Australia and he couldn’t open up ANGEL from there so he couldn’t grade our final projects until he came back. If we had made our final project into a website then the professor could have graded it from there and also use it for future reference for the next class because the project itself was rather confusing to understand; an example would have been very helpful.