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Listed below are a few of the big animal rights issues. There are many problems involving animal cruelty than the topics listed below.


Animal Testing. Animal Testing is one of the biggest issues Animal Right’s Activist’s are fighting to change. Millions of animals are subjected each year to test household and cosmetic products. Certain methods of testing such as, Eye Irritancy Tests and Acute Toxity Tests are performed on animals using no anesthesia and most often result in death. The most interesting component of these testing is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) do not require any animal testing prior to selling their products. The CPSC’s animal testing policy states, “It is important to keep in mind that neither the FHSA nor the Comission’s regulations require any firm to perform animal tests. The statute and its implementing regulations only require that a product be labeled to reflect the hazards associated with that product.” More then 500 cosmetic and household manufacturers do not use animal testing and embrace the many alternatives that do not only serve to product consumers but animals as well.

Puppy Mills. Puppy Mills have become a huge issue worldwide. These facilities breed puppies at alarming rates and the majority of the puppies never find a home. The puppies are being sold through the internet, newspapers, and pet stores, but especially now, during a time of financial distress, the puppies are left homeless and are euthanized. Not only are puppy mills a problem because of the amount of animals they produce, but the puppies most often face an array of health problems and carry genetic diseases. Click here to learn more about puppy mills and how to shut them down.


Animals as Entertainment. For centuries animals have been put on stage, held captive, trained to perform, and kept in unsanitary living quarters for the sole purpose of entertainment. Animals working in circuses, for television or movie companies, zoos, and other various entertainment groups most commonly are mistreated, starved, and kept in cages either too small or dirty. Animals are not meant to perform tricks or travel on tours. Click here for more infor on animals being used for entertainment.

Slaughter Houses. Animals captured or produced for food are killed in slaughterhouses. These factories kill hundreds and thousands of animals each day and most often the animals undergo extreme torture and pain before death. Federal law requires all animals be stunned before their execution. Captive bolt stunning and electrical stunning are the two most common ways slaughterhouses stun the animals. Both methods are highly inconsistent and leave the animals awake and capable of feeling the pain left behind by the attempted stun or pain encountered during the execution process. Not only are the slaughtering methods cruel and unpredictable, but the workers in the factories often torture and abuse the animals while at work. There are many testimonies of slaughterhouse workers admitting to participating or witnessing abuse and torture of animals.

Animals used for clothing. Yes it’s nice to throw on a warm fur coat in the winter, or invest in a great pair of leather boots but the fact is animals are dying so you can sport them as clothing. Centuries ago animals were killed and their fur and hide were used for shelter, clothing, and even utensils but today there is no need to kill animals for those needs because we have hundreds of alternatives that serve the same purpose. The wool, leather, and fur, businesses have become million dollar industries and more and more animals are dying as a result.


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