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Department of Philosophy
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA  95053  Twitter:@ShannonVallor


My research explores the philosophical territory defined by three intersecting subject areas:  the philosophy of technology (including technology and ethics), phenomenology and the philosophy of science. 

My current project focuses on the impact of emerging technologies on human habits, skills and virtues, a topic I've explored in works published in the peer-reviewed journals Ethics & Information Technology, Philosophy & Technology and Techné, as well as the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and a forthcoming book, 21st Century Virtue. In particular, I am interested in how new media, robotics/AI, surveillance and human enhancement technologies may influence the development of moral character. I am currently exploring the phenomenology of moral attention, its status as a virtue and the potential impact of new technologies on its cultivation. I have additional interests in the integration of ethics in the professional lives of software engineers and developers.

Finally, I conduct research in the phenomenology of perceptual evidence, its mediation by technology and its relation to scientific practice; my writings on this topic have appeared in the refereed journals Inquiry, the Journal of Consciousness Studies and Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.


I regularly teach courses in Phenomenology (PHIL 138), Philosophy of Science (PHIL 140), Science, Technology and Society (PHIL 80), Knowledge and Reality (PHIL 50), a freshman honors sequence on Personal Identity and Community (PHIL 11H&12H), and a graduate engineering course on Sustainable Energy and Ethics (ENGR 273) With Arvind Narayanan of Princeton University, I have also created a downloadable teaching module, "An Introduction to Software Engineering Ethics," available for free from SCU's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

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